Care instructions


Instructions for cleaning and maintenance of BIT leather bag

1. When used frequently, wipe the bag regularly with a clean, dry cloth.

2. If the bag is dirty, clean it with a moist sponge or cloth. Use a mild cleaning agent and let it air-dry.

3. If the bag has been subjected to wetness like rain or snow, immediately wipe it with a clean and dry cloth, and then place the bag in a well ventilated environment.

4. If the bag has been exposed to soft drinks or similar, follow the instructions under item 2. Repeat if necessary.

5. If the bag has been exposed to oil, wipe it with a dry cloth, which will usually make the oil ”disappear naturally”. If necessary, use a minimum amount of mild cleaning agent. Do NOT use water only.

6. If the bag, after long use, has lost some of its luster, the use of special agents for treating leather is recommended.

Please note

• When using a cleaning agent, always try the agent on a concealed part of the bag.

• If the bag has been subjected to moisture, never use an electric heating fan, hair dryer or similar. The bag must also not be placed in direct sunlight or in the vicinity of fire to dry.

If you have any further questions regarding the care of the bag, please contact the us at